Medicare 101 Guide

Got Medicare questions?

A lot of people do! If you’re approaching your 65th birthday, you’re probably being bombarded with information and marketing pitches. It can be overwhelming.

That’s why we put together our simple Medicare 101 guide. 

In our free guide, you’ll learn:

  • The basics of Medicare Part A and B
  • How to enroll in Medicare
  • The difference between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage and how to decide which option is right for you
  • The Medicare supplement plan that most people buy, and that makes more sense
  • What you need to know about Part D prescription plans
  • Answers to frequently asked questions

We present all of this in an objective, straightforward manner. There’s no marketing and no hype – just the simple facts in plain English (not insurance lingo).

Download the Medicare 101 Guide today!



AC Forrest does sell Medicare products to our clients and we would love the opportunity to help you find the Medicare solution that is the best fit for your needs and situation. If you have additional questions or want some help navigating Medicare, we invite you to contact us using the form at the bottom of the page.

You can also just read our Medicare 101 guide right here:


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