Mission Trip Insurance

Travel insurance for your short term mission trip is very affordable and can save you big-time if something goes wrong!
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Affordable travel insurance for missionaries

You can get mission trip insurance for your short-term mission trip for less than you think.

While we hope everything about your trip is smooth, the reality is that sometimes stuff happens — someone could get injured or sick, or even more significant problems could arise. And this can be stressful and expensive!

What a Mission Trip Insurance Plan Covers

These travel insurance plans for individuals or groups come with standard coverages, including:

  • Standard medical coverage for accidents, injuries, illnesses
  • Evacuation coverage (medical evacuation, natural disaster, political evacuation)
  • Terrorism coverage
  • Reunion coverage (brings a family member to be with you under certain circumstances)
  • Repatriation of remains (nobody wants to think about that, but it’s important)
  • A crisis response benefit (in case of kidnapping)
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