Omaha Insurance to Raise Some Medicare Supplement Rates

Omaha Insurance Company (affiliated with the more well known Mutual of Omaha), has announced that rates on some Medicare supplement plans in South Carolina will go up beginning July 1.
The increase applies to both new and existing policies.
Plan F (by far the most popular plan) and Plan A will go up 6%.
Plan G rates will stay where they are now – no increase.
So the cost advantage of Plan G over Plan F becomes that much more substantial.
While Plan F is the most popular plan, we believe that Plan G is worthy of strong consideration because it often provides better value. Plan F provides complete coverage, filling in all of the gaps in Medicare. Plan G covers everything except the Part B deductible, which is $147 in 2015.
So if you can save more than $147 in a year by choosing Plan G, you’ll come out ahead.