One Way to Avoid a Massive Health Insurance Price Increase in 2014

It’s coming.
Most everyone knows that massive price increases are coming to a health insurance plan near you in 2014 when the bulk of the PPACA/Obamacare health reform law takes effect. There will be new mandates, drastic changes to underwriting (i.e. it’s disappearance), new fees and taxes, blah blah blah.
We’ve got one legal way for a small business owner to avoid these rate increases: Set up a group health insurance policy with Assurant Health.
Beginning April 1 of this year, small employers purchasing group health insurance from Assurant Health will have their rate locked until December 2014. That’s noteworthy. Trust us when we say that getting an extra 6-8 months of 2013 pricing will make a HUGE difference in 2014! It also buys you some extra time to figure out how to respond to the wild, wild world of health reform.
If you’re interested in seeing what kind of 2013 price you could get with Assurant Health, contact us to talk about it.