How to Pay Your Consumers Choice Health Plan Bill

It turns out that you actually have to pay your premiums for your health insurance to work.
So that’s obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people haven’t paid for the health plans they enrolled in last month.
If you enrolled in Consumers Choice Health Plan in South Carolina, you have several payment options, so you should find one that fits:
1. You can go through their online portal, and select the PAY NOW button. You’ll find your member info there and make a credit card payment.
(Note: Due to heavy volume of enrollments, you may find that your account hasn’t been fully loaded into their system yet. If that’s the case, select one of the options below). 
2. You can call Member Customer Service at 800-580-8736 to pay by phone.
3. You can call their offices and ask for the CUSTOMER CARE REP. This representative will be able to process the first payment.
Greenville office 864-527-5904
Charleston office 843-747-6300
You can also pay in person at their offices in Greenville and North Charleston.
4. You can take your invoice to the Payment Centers and pay there. Most WalMarts are participating payment centers.