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The Plan Enhancer

An affordable way to protect yourself from high deductibles and out-of-pocket costs. Learn why we carry the Plan Enhancer as part of our family's insurance coverage.

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Gap Insurance with The Plan Enhancer

Think of The Plan Enhancer as gap insurance or just as supplemental insurance. It’s designed by National General Insurance to help you meet your high deductible if something unexpected happens.

The Plan Enhancer gives you three options that you can combine to create your own customized gap plan:

  • Accident Insurance (“AME”). The plan pays up to the maximum benefit for medical care resulting from any kind of accident (after a $250 deductible).
  • Critical Illness Insurance (“CHS”). The plan pays up to the maximum benefit for heart attack, stroke, and most cancers.
  • Hospital Indemnity (“SIP”). The plan pays up to the maximum benefit if you are admitted to the hospital with an illness.

(Note: Telemedicine is also included in all plans; and you can add a dental plan to your coverage too!)

You have to select the accident plan. You can leave it there or add one or both of the other benefit options.

You also choose your benefit amount. 

There are benefit amounts ranging from $2,500 – $10,000. The $5,000 is probably the most popular option, though some people pick a benefit amount that is the closest to the out-of-pocket maximum on their health insurance policy.


For most people, if they are going to meet the high out-of-pocket costs that come with most health insurance plans, it is because of something covered in these three benefits. (But note it’s not perfect – there are potential medical costs that wouldn’t fall into one of these categories.)

The Plan Enhancer works really well alongside all types of health insurance plans, including Obamacare plans (both on and off the Marketplace), group plans, and short-term health insurance plans. In fact, we often use National General for our clients on short-term health plans, so the Plan Enhancer is an easy add-on.

It also works well for members of health sharing ministries and for those who don’t have any other health coverage at all.

National General Insurance is a very large, financially stable insurance company that has been around for a long time. They’ve served our clients well.

TrioMed: An Alternative for Older Clients

Beginning with clients age 60, the Plan Enhancer gets a little more expensive. The good news is National General has another supplemental plan called TrioMed that offers very similar coverage at a price that works better for our older clients.

TrioMed pays a benefit for accidents and critical illness, just like the Plan Enhancer as described above. (Note: There is no option for a hospitalization benefit.)

Got questions or need help with the Plan Enhancer?

If you have questions or want some help putting together a customized plan, contact us!