What's the Point of Accident Insurance?

Quick: What would be the most likely cause of you reaching your out-of-pocket max on your health insurance this year?
What's the point of accident insuranceSo maybe the title of the article gives it away! But think about it.
For people who are generally healthy, an accident of some sort would be the most likely cause of reaching a health insurance deductible. That is statistically true.
Accident insurance is an affordable way to help you meet your deductible.

Accident Insurance and Health Insurance

If you’re like most people, you’ve seen your deductible and your out-of-pocket expenses¬†go up on your health insurance in Obamacare. Maybe way up.
Most health insurance plans will still leave you paying something in the range of $5,000-$6,500 before you’re covered 100%.
That’s why more and more people (including me) are buying accident insurance — to help them meet these higher deductibles and out-of-pocket limits.

accident insuranceSimple “Lump Sum” Accident Insurance

You can buy policies that have a long schedule of benefits that pay different amounts for different forms of medical care. But we prefer to keep things simple.
The accident plans we suggest will pay a lump sum up to the policy maximum for care resulting from an accident. That maximum is between $2,000 and $10,000, with the most popular level being $5,000.
The good news is that accident insurance is really affordable. Your family can be covered for as little as $35/month. A $5,000 plan for your whole family would cost just $45/month.

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For active people Рespecially for families with active kids, an accident plan makes a lot of sense. What do you think?