Premium Saver: Important Announcement for Small Employers with Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina

Premium Saver is a no-brainer that will save you money.
Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina has just announced their Premium Saver, a plan designed to help current small group clients lock in their BCBS premiums for another 12 months beginning December 1, 2013. Doing so will delay the impact of new taxes, some fees and other charges associated with the Affordable Care Act (ACA – also knows as Obamacare).
Now when you read “impact” you should think “much higher premiums.” Basically you can lock in your 2013 premiums through the first 11 months of 2014. This will definitely save you some money on your premiums and also give you more time to assess how to respond to the new world we’ll experience in Obamacare.
All you’ll need to do is submit a form to Blue Cross NO LATER THAN AUGUST 1. That date is NOT flexible at all.
And, yes, we can help you with that.
A bit more info from BCBS of SC:

  • Any request for Premium Saver is due four months prior to the requested effective date (for example, if the desired effective date of renewal is December 1, 2013, your request must be in no later than August 1, 2013). No exceptions can be made.
  • Any group may request the Premium Saver.
  • For groups that choose Premium Saver, their benefit period will start over on the new effective date — long benefit periods will not be allowed – no carryover deductibles or out of pockets.
  • Benefit changes will be allowed at the renewal date.
  • If a group has dental and life coverage with us, its renewal date moves to coincide with the health renewal date.

We recommend to any of our small groups insured with Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina that you complete this form. (If you’re not our client, you should still do it too! Of course we’d be happy to help you become a client and get this done!).