Qualifying Event for Blue Cross Blue Shield of SC

If you have health insurance coverage as a small business (or work for a business that does) with Blue Cross Blue Shield of SC, you’ll want to be aware of the late enrollment process. BCBS of SC does not have a traditional “open enrollment” period for small group plans, meaning there is not a particular month of the year when you can jump into your employer’s health insurance plan for the next year. If you (and/or your dependents) don’t join the plan in the period after you become eligible (i.e. after you become a full-time employee), and you later decide you would like to participate, you’ll be considered a “late enrollee” and will have a mandatory 12-month waiting period from the time you submit paperwork to participate and actually get coverage. (Now, don’t worry, you’re not actually paying premium during that time!)
The exception would be in the case of a “qualifying event.” These would include birth/adoption, marriage, divorce, etc., as well as loss of prior coverage (for example, you were covered by your spouse’s employer but lost that coverage).
This is one reason it’s critical that you remember to add your new spouse or child to your plan within 30 days or marriage/birth.
If you must wait out the 12 month period, we strongly suggest that you get an individual short-term health insurance plan, which will provide very affordable catastrophic coverage and give you “continuity of coverage” while you wait. You can follow the link to get quotes on a short-term health insurance plan (and potentially have it in place tomorrow). If you have questions or want to learn more, you’re welcome to contact us.