Questions about Pre-existing Conditions? Try a Pre-screen

We often talk to clients who have some sort of pre-existing medical condition and are concerned about how that will affect their ability to get coverage or how it will impact their premiums. Currently (and this could change, as we know), there are many pre-existing conditions that result in automatic declines when one applies for individual health insurance. Many conditions won’t result in a decline of coverage, but may well result in a “rider” (an exclusion of coverage) for that condition. Still others may not be a big deal at all. If you’re concerned about pre-existing conditions you need to make sure you’re working with a broker who will take the time to talk with you about the details and then do an underwriting pre-screen.

Most insurance providers allow brokers/agents to anonymously submit medical information to an underwriter before an application is submitted in order to get an idea of how that insurance provider would handle that case. While the underwriting guidelines at different companies are similar in many ways, they are not uniform. Where one company might deny an applicant altogether, another might offer coverage with a rider, another might offer coverage with no rider but a higher premium (called a “rate up”), etc.

The key, of course, is to find a broker who will take the time to do the legwork for you to help put you with the carrier that will be most likely to give you the outcome you want. AC Forrest will do just that for you. Contact us to let us know how we can help you find the best carrier for you.