How to Receive Dental Benefit from BlueChoice HealthPlan

If you’re enrolled with BlueChoice HealthPlan, you’ve got a nice preventive dental benefit included in your health insurance plan.
This is true both for individual policies (“BlueOption plans”) and group health plans.
Here’s what you get:

  • One exam every six months: $50 allowance for initial/$50 allowance for periodic
  • One cleaning every six months: $50 allowance

If you’re as good at math as we are, you’ll know that’s $100 you’ll get for your twice-yearly dental visits!
Now, be aware you’ll likely need to file for reimbursement yourself. Doing so is very simple. You need to get some basic information about your visit and include it in the form. Your dentist’s staff should have no difficulty giving you the proper procedure code to use on the¬†paperwork.
Download this BlueChoice Dental Reimbursement Form
BlueChoice will then process your claim from there. It’s simple!

What about Dental Insurance?

Just to be clear, your BlueChoice plan is not dental insurance – it simply pays a fixed benefit as described above. So if you have x-rays, need a filling, or have other basic (or major) dental needs, you won’t get help from BlueChoice for those expenses. For that kind of coverage, you’ll need an individual/family dental insurance plan: