The Small Business Guide to Health Insurance

Let’s get right to it: Health insurance is a pain in the rear!

Most employers want to provide benefits to their employees, but doing so can be expensive, confusing, and headache-inducing. And that was before the Affordable Care Act!

Obamacare has certainly altered the landscape for small businesses who provide employee benefits. But that change has also led to some innovative, outside-the-box solutions that are available to small businesses like yours.

The Small Business Guide to Health Insurance briefly outlines 4 primary approaches you can take to provide benefits to your employees. Some of these are outside the box, and while none of these will work for everyone, the odds are good at least one of them will be a good fit for you.

We lay out these options in plain English, explain the pros and cons of each, and show you a case study to see how some of them work in real life.

Obviously, our hope is that you’ll allow us to help you implement whichever approach makes the most sense for you, but there’s no pressure or obligation to do so.

Small Business Health Insurance Options Guide

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