Infographic: How Short-Term Health Insurance Could Save You Thousands

Is short-term health insurance worth having?
Now that Open Enrollment is over, a short-term health plan is the only option available to get catastrophic medical coverage for you and your family. Why bother?
The bottom line is that health insurance in this country is shockingly expensive. I mean, “can you say ‘bankruptcy?'” expensive. While a short-term health plan won’t give you a lot of bells and whistles, it can save you thousands of dollars if something unexpected happens, as the infographic below illustrates:
Short Term Health Insurance Infographic

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(Hint: You could come out of the scenario above owing only a couple hundred bucks if you add an accident plan to your short-term health plan).  
You’ll like this: Short-term health insurance is usually a LOT less expensive than the health insurance plans available in Obamacare (without subsidies).
It won’t satisfy the “individual mandate” of the Affordable Care Act, but it could save you a bunch of money if you have unexpected medical costs.
And you can have it in place tomorrow. Start here.