Short Term Health Insurance as an Alternative

It is not uncommon to speak with someone who is having a hard time getting approved for individual major medical health insurance due to certain pre-existing conditions. While many states have high risk pools for these folks, the premium prices are typically very high. The new, temporary federal high risk pool is something of an unknown when it comes to premiums. One alternative to consider is short-term health insurance.

Short term health insurance is generally used for people who are in between group health policies, such as a new employee who has to wait 90 days to become eligible for a company health insurance plan. But they can also be used as an alternative for those who either cannot afford individual health insurance or are having trouble with pre-existing conditions. Most short-term health insurance applications are very short (often 5-6 questions).

Now this won’t work for everyone. If you’ve already been declined coverage for a condition still present or if you’re pregnant (or an expectant father) then this won’t be an option. Similarly, there are a number of pre-existing conditions that will disqualify you (including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and others). My point, however, is that the list of disqualifying conditions is not nearly as long as it is for a more permanent policy. This will be readily apparent in the short application.

To learn more about short-term health insurance and see quotes, follow this link or contact AC Forrest.