Short Term Health Insurance

A short-term health insurance policy is a simple and affordable way to bridge a gap in coverage. It’s solid major medical health insurance at a decent price.

It’s also a much cheaper alternative to (non-subsidized) Obamacare.

What Is Short Term Health Insurance?

Short term health insurance is simple. 

It provides basic coverage so you won’t get stuck with huge bills if something big happens. Nothing fancy here – you’ll generally be paying for care until you’ve paid your deductible, though some plans have a copays for doctor visits or for an urgent care center.

Basically, this is protection against Murphy’s Law. You know, the idea that you’ll break your arm or need your appendix out during the three months you’re between health insurance plans.

Short-term health insurance plans are designed to fill in short gaps when you’re between coverages, but some people use them as an alternative to more expensive traditional plans.

Who Should Buy Short Term Health Insurance?

Short term health insurance is an affordable way to protect your family.These are health plans designed for people who only need coverage for a little while. If you know you’ll be getting other health insurance in less than a year, a short-term health policy is a great way to bridge that gap.

An increasing number of people also utilize these plans as an alternative to Obamacare for those who don’t get subsidies or are ineligible to enroll outside Open Enrollment.

Short-term health insurance is ideal for you if:

  • You’re changing jobs and have a waiting period for group benefits.
  • You need health insurance outside of the Obamacare “open enrollment” period and don’t qualify for a special enrollment.
  • You are aging off of your parents’ plan and need temporary coverage.
  • You can’t afford a non-subsidized health insurance plan – this could be a cheaper solution.
  • You really don’t want to participate in Obamacare for whatever reason.

The Disadvantages of Short Term Health Insurance

Short term health insurance won’t work for everyone, unfortunately. These policies won’t cover pre-existing conditions, and certain pre-existing health conditions could mean you won’t be approved for coverage. They also don’t cover pregnancies or prescription drugs (though they do provide a discount card).

How to Get Short Term Health Insurance

Enrolling in a short term health insurance plan is very simple. There is very little underwriting and you can literally have coverage in place tomorrow. There’s no open enrollment period to worry about.

You simply click this button, provide basic info like date of birth and zip code, and you’ll get quotes instantly. Choose your deductible (most people choose $5,000 because that’s usually the best value for the money), and begin the enrollment.

You’ll provide a bit of personal information, answer a handful of yes/no questions related to your medical history, and enter payment, and that’s it. Normally this takes less than 10 minutes.

Get a no-obligation quote on short-term health insurance now.

Short Term Health Insurance Companies

There are a lot of different companies that offer short-term health insurance. These include National General Insurance, UnitedHealthcare, BlueCross BlueShield, and others. While the plans are generally similar, they are not identical to each other in details, and have relative strengths and weaknesses.

Depending on your location, your needs, and your particular situation, we will help direct you to the plan that will be the best fit for you. Use the form below to contact us to have that conversation!

Add-Ons to Consider

We often recommend adding a supplemental plan to a short-term health insurance plan. Many companies offer such add-ons at a very affordable price when you purchase short-term health insurance. An accident plan, for example, will help you meet your deductible if something unexpected happens. Some companies also offer dental plans that can be added to your coverage.

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