Missionary Insurance for Short-Term Mission Teams

Is your church or organization sending out short-term mission teams this year?
What will happen if something goes wrong or a team member becomes injured or ill?
Many people don’t realize that most health insurance plans don’t travel very well. That’s why experienced travelers never leave the country without a travel insurance plan. The good news is that there are travel insurance plans designed for missionary groups just like yours that include the coverage you need at a very low price.
A good international travel insurance plan will protect you and your group if anything goes wrong. It will include coverage for medical care, evacuation, trip interruption, and other unexpected needs.
The great news is that travel insurance is really cheap. A flat per-person rate for travelers under age 65 makes it easy to budget too.

What does group missionary insurance cost? 

Here are the rates per person per day for the “Outreach Group Travel” plan with IMG:

As you can see, your group could get really solid coverage at a really low cost. Given the overall costs likely associated with this trip, it’s honestly foolish to travel without this protection. 
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You’ll find more details about what’s covered and have the opportunity to purchase coverage for your team. It only takes a few minutes. Of course, if you prefer to have us help you or have additional questions, we’ll be happy to help – just contact us.