Should a small business have dental insurance?

The value of dental insurance is debatable, quite frankly. Much depends on the size of the dental network participating in the plan in your area. In the Greenville / Spartanburg, South Carolina region, for example, the dentists tend to not participate in these networks, with the result being a network-only plan that is difficult to use or a non-network plan with a higher price. In the latter scenario, you often wind up with a dental insurance plan that is a break-even proposition, which is to say the benefits and the cost seem to be about equal. Thus, there would seem to be no real value in a small business having a dental insurance plan.
But, in our experience, there is often more to this story. Dental plans are often very popular with employees because there is a perceived value. In fact, a company dental plan will be perceived by many people to have greater value than other, more important benefits (like disability insurance). Your employees likely visit the dentist twice a year (or would if they had insurance!) and will realize some benefit from you when they do so. They’re unlikely to become disabled, die, or meet their health insurance deductible (especially if you have a high deductible plan). So a dental benefit is a much more tangible benefit to them and can therefore be an effective and affordable way to build goodwill with your employees.
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