Should I keep my child on my employer's health insurance plan?

Here’s a question that doesn’t come up nearly as much as it should! On most group health insurance plans there is a rate for “single coverage,” “employee/spouse” coverage, and “family” coverage, meaning employee + kids. What is significant is that, on most plans, the rate you pay to insure children is the same regardless how many children you have. This is very helpful if you have six kids, but is a disadvantage if you have one or two.

Complicating matters further is that, in small company, the medical history or health risks of a couple of unhealthy people can drive up the premium for the group as a whole – including that of you and your kids.

So, to cut to the bottom line, if you’re having to pay for your kids’ health insurance coverage, you might be paying way too much by having them on your employer plan. There are very good child-only health insurance plans that could give you better benefits at a cheaper price. If this is something you’d like to explore, simply contact AC Forrest and we’ll be happy to get some quotes for you and compare them to your current coverage.