Target Drops Health Benefits for Part-Time Employees. What Can You Do?

Another major retailer has announced that they are dropping health insurance benefits for part-time employees. Target joins Trader Joe’s and Home Depot in this decision, and surely there will be others to come.
The economics of Obamacare dictate these moves. The companies believe that their part-time employees will be better off in Obamacare (probably assuming that they’ll be eligible for subsidized premiums). No doubt they also believe it will save the companies themselves a lot of money. (The cost of insuring these employees is certainly much higher in the Obamacare era).
So, if you’re one of these employees, what can you do?
The obvious thing is to take a look at your options in Obamacare. We can help you figure out if you’re eligible for a premium subsidy and get quotes on an individual health insurance policy.
[button url=””]Request a Quote on Individual Health Insurance[/button] If you don’t want to get an Obamacare plan, or can’t afford it (because you don’t qualify for a subsidy or it’s not enough), you might consider a short-term health insurance plan as a lower-cost alternative. These are not fancy, but they will provide a safety net to protect you against catastrophic costs if something happens.
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