What is tele-medicine?

It was great timing. One of my kids got sick in the late afternoon/early evening of Christmas Eve.
He had an ear infection and it came on fast and furious (about the time we got to church, of course). Now, we’ve been at this long enough that we knew he had an ear infection and that we needed to get an antibiotic. But who is open at 6 pm on Christmas Eve?
Not our pediatrician’s office. Not the CVS Minute Clinic. Fortunately, we found an urgent care center that hadn’t closed yet who agreed to see him. I won’t tell you what it cost…
If you’re a parent, you know that kids tend to get sick at inconvenient times. These things tend to happen on nights and on weekends.
But even during normal business hours, a doctor visit can be expensive if you don’t have a copay on your health insurance plan.
Imagine having a doctor on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. You could call that doctor to consult with him/her about basic medical needs or to find out if you need to actually schedule and appointment or even go to the urgent care center or hospital. You could ask questions and maybe even get a basic prescription (like one for the antibiotic my son needed on Christmas Eve). You can even see and be seen by your doctor via a video connection.
I’ve just described tele-medicine. A tele-medicine service gives you access to a doctor licensed and registered in your state for basic consultations and needs. Tele-medicine is a big trend in the marketplace as thousands of people realize the convenience and value it brings.
So what does it cost?
Surprisingly little.
You can get a telemedicine plan for $19.95/month. That’s not bad at all. There are no copays or fees when you need to consult a doctor.
Even better? The average response time to consult with a doctor is 15 minutes. And the client satisfaction rate is 97%. Really.

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My Christmas Eve experience convinced me of the value of a tele-medicine service. We could have saved a couple of hours of waiting room drama and a nice chunk of cash.
So from one parent to another, take my advice and check it out now!