The pros and cons of Coventry Health in South Carolina

If you’re looking at individual / family health insurance quotes in South Carolina, there’s a good chance that Coventry is showing up at the top of the list on price. So what’s the deal?
Coventry Health is one of the newer health insurance companies in Greenville, Spartanburg, and other parts of Upstate South Carolina. They’ve been around longer in Charleston, Columbia, and much of North Carolina, and there are other Coventry companies in other states (like Georgia). So this is not some new fly-by-night operation – they are competent and know what they’re doing.
But Coventry is not for everybody. Let’s take a look at some pros and cons:

  • Price. As mentioned above, Coventry is often the price leader right now (these things tend to change with time) when looking at comparable plans. And, let’s be honest, price is a major factor when you’re looking at health insurance, because this stuff isn’t cheap!
  • Solid plans. You get good value for the money as well because the plan designs are pretty solid. There are several tiers of coverage (think of it as good, better, best) to help you find the right fit. They have high deductible, HSA-qualified plans, and a bunch of more traditional copay-style plans.
  • Fringe benefits. Unlike many other carriers, Coventry provides some chiropractic benefits on all of their copay plans. Most (not all) plans also include a vision checkup.

Cons (Well there’s really only one major con):

  • Network limitations. If you live in a populated area like Greenville, you shouldn’t have any difficulty with the local network. But if you travel, things can get dicey. There is NO network coverage outside of the Carolinas, so you’ll be out-of-network if you travel. (You can think of this like old-school cell phone plans that charged roaming fees — you might get service when you travel but you’ll pay more). Within South Carolina, the network doesn’t include Myrtle Beach/Florence and most rural areas of the state.

Is Coventry right for you? It could be. We’ve had a number of clients who have purchased individual health insurance policies from them without issue. But if you travel a lot, you may want to weigh other options. Want to see a personalized quote? Ask us or get them instantly here. If you want to compare them to other options, hit the “Get a Health Insurance Quote” button to the right.