Travel Insurance and Political Evacuation

I was recently skimming through some articles on consumer adviser Clark Howard’s website and came upon something interesting in the comment section of an article on trip insurance. It highlights what is, to me, one of the chief advantages of travel insurance:

My daughter went on a mission trip to Honduras last June. Honduras had a long history of stable government before she went, but while there the government turned upside down and our group of teens and chaperones were suddenly in a dangerous situation. All airports were closed in the country and rioting was beginning to take place. Travel insurance took over, hired private armed security to come in and escort our families safely out of the country. The insurance covered a bill that would have cost us over $33,000. My daughter and the rest of our group arrived home safely and I thank God for the insite (sic) to purchase this insurance.

While the main component of a good travel insurance plan is providing health insurance overseas to cover unexpected medical expenses abroad, a good policy will also include this kind of evacuation protection.
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