Vision Insurance

Vision insurance is often easily added to a dental insurance plan (both for individual policies and for group benefits).

But if you already have dental insurance, or don’t need it, you can buy a stand-alone vision insurance policy.

What A Typical Vision Insurance Plan Covers

While benefits may vary, a typical policy will look something like this:

  • You’ll get a well vision exam once every 12 months for a small copay – may $10-30 range.
  • New lenses every 12 months
  • New frames every 24 months
  • There are discounts available on additional glasses, sunglasses, and laser vision correction.

Individual Vision Insurance

The company we usually recommend for individual vision insurance is VSP (Vision Service Plan). The do utilize a network of providers, but you can typically still get benefits out of network, though you’ll wind up paying more.

Get Prices and Enroll in Individual Vision Insurance

Group Vision Insurance

Small employers often include vision insurance as part of their employee benefits package. We typically recommend that an employer start out by offering a plan that includes dental, vision, and life. Such a package is a simple and affordable way for you to provide benefits your employees will appreciate.

You can also do vision insurance by itself. Often this can be a “voluntary” benefit, meaning the employee pays the entire cost of the plan via payroll deduction. It can also be done with the employer contributing some or all of the cost.

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