Vision insurance

Vision insurance is an inexpensive policy for your family or as part of your small business’s employee benefits. Scroll down to learn more.


Vision Insurance Greenville SC

There are vision insurance plans that you can add to a dental policy, but if you don’t need or want a dental plan, we have a great solution for you and your family:

Vision insurance through VSP (Vision Service Plan).

What the Vision Insurance Plan Covers

  • You’ll get a well vision exam once every 12 months for $15.
  • New lenses every 12 months
  • New frames every 24 months
  • There are discounts available on additional glasses, sunglasses, and laser vision correction.

There is NO deductible and NO waiting period!

Does the visionplan have a network?

Yes and no. The best rates are available in the VSP network of providers.

The plan does work with non-network providers, but your benefit levels will be decreased.

  • An annual exam will cost up to $34
  • Single vision lenses will cost up to $17
  • Lined bifocal lenses will cost up to $30
  • Lined trifocal lenses will cost up to $43
  • Frames will cost up to $38.25

(* An Important Explanation: The button above will take you to a link called “Dental for Everyone.” We know that doesn’t seem to make sense, but trust us. Once you enter your zip code to begin, the first plan option you’ll see is the VSP vision insurance plan.)


Group Vision Insurance

We can help small employers provide vision insurance for their employees. If you’d like to get quotes and learn more about group vision insurance plans, contact us.

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