Ways to save money on individual health insurance with Golden Rule / UnitedHealthOne

Golden Rule Insurance, which is the carrier for UnitedHealthOne in South Carolina, Georgia, and the other states we serve, is a strong individual health insurance carrier. In South Carolina in particular, their rates are typically very competitive. If you’re wanting a traditional health insurance plan with doctor copays, drug card, and that sort of thing, they are a carrier we will almost always at least consider, and they will often be the best option.
While their rates are not bad (relatively speaking), here are a couple of ways you can lower your premiums even more:
* You could obviously move to a higher deductible level. The most popular plan (the last time we checked) they sell in South Carolina is a $2500 deductible plan. You could see significant savings by stepping up to a $5000 plan. (You can mitigate the risk by adding an accident supplement and still come out ahead).
* You can choose the “4 copay” option instead of choosing unlimited copays. When you do this, you would pay for your 5th and subsequent doctor visits the network discounted rate, and your payment should accrue towards your deductible.
* You can choose 70/30 “coinsurance” instead of 80/20. Once you reach your deductible, your insurance would pay 70% instead of 70% of charges up until you reach the “out-of-pocket maximum.” That maximum would move from $3,000 to $5,000.
* You could opt for “generic only” drug coverage, leaving brand name drugs uncovered (you would get a discount card for these drugs).
Making all of these final three changes would save you around 24% on your premium. Any one of these would result in premium savings. Talk to AC Forrest to see how we can help YOU save on your health insurance coverage.