What if my dentist doesn't take dental insurance?

Dental insurance is nice to have… but what if your dentist doesn’t take dental insurance?
Our clients in Greenville and other parts of South Carolina will run into this problem more often then not, because most dentists to this point don’t participate in networks.
That’s why we offer dental plans that don’t require a network.
Most dentists we’ve talked to will at least file with your dental insurance company even if they don’t participate in the network. And companies that don’t require a network will still pay them at the “usual and customary” rate. So while this may not cover 100% of your bill, it will often cover the vast majority, leaving you a few dollars to pay.
The whole point of a network (in any kind of insurance plan) is that participating providers have agreed to take a negotiated discount on service provided to policyholders. Security Life, for example, doesn’t require a network, but they do have one. So if you can find a dentist that is in the network, you’ll save a little more money. But if your dentist isn’t (and most aren’t in South Carolina, as we’ve said), you’ll still have quality coverage and a good experience with claims.
We think it’s nice to be able to keep the dentist you have.
To get a quote (and enroll today) in dental insurance that doesn’t need a network, visit Security Life online now.