What if you're between health insurance plans?

What do you do if you’re between health insurance plans? For example, you get a new job but must wait 90 days before your benefits start. Short term health insurance can offer affordable protection to fill in the gap when you’re between major medical plans:

Short term health insurance is designed to fill the gap between plans. It is designed to serve those who are between jobs, recent graduates who are no longer eligible for coverage through their parents and anticipate getting coverage through an employer fairly soon, and new employees who are not yet eligible to participate in their employer’s coverage. Short term health insurance typically provides major medical protection only so that you will at least have protection from unexpected major health expenses while you’re in between policies, and the good ones count as creditable coverage (which is important if you’re planning to join an employer-sponsored plan later). They are generally much cheaper than other health insurance options.

Short term health insurance typically involves very minimal underwriting, meaning you can get in place within 24 hours. You choose how many months of coverage you want (1-12). If you live in Georgia, South Carolina, or neighboring states and are interested in short term health insurance, contact AC Forrest Insurance Group for a free quote and more information.