What is Beam Dental?

Most dental insurance companies are basically the same when you get down to it. But once in a while someone comes a long to do something different and innovative.

We’re excited to begin introducing our clients to Beam Dental (well… as excited as one can be about insurance! But seriously, you should check this out).

Why We Love Beam Dental

There are plenty of insurance companies out there offering basically the same dental plans to employers. Here’s some of what sets Beam Dental apart:

  • They have generous out-of-network benefits.
  • There are no waiting period for benefits.
  • They promise a user-friendly experience when it comes to the claims process and the administrative stuff (adding and removing employees, etc.).
  • They have many different plan designs, which gives us the ability to tailor a quote to your particular needs and preferences.
  • Their rates are priced very competitively.

But the thing that’s really intriguing thing about them is what they call “Beam Perks.” 

Beam Perks

Beam Perks are included for (and delivered to!) each member at no extra cost and contain:

  • Sonic-powered, smart electric Beam Brush with replacement head
  • Specially-formulated, clay-based toothpaste
  • High-quality ribbon floss

Two replacement brush heads, toothpaste and floss are delivered again every six months.

Good Brushers Pay Less for Dental Insurance

What’s really interesting is that you can pair the toothbrush to the Beam app on your phone (of course you don’t have to do this, but…). If you’re good, responsible brushers, that data will be used as a factor in your renewal rates. If the group brushes well (like, 2 minutes twice a day on most days), you will save money!

How to Get Quotes on Beam Dental

Right now, Beam Dental is only available as an employee benefit (i.e. as a group plan, not for individuals). We can show you quotes on Beam Dental for your employees if you’ll just contact us!