What is BlueRewards from BlueCross BlueShield of SC?

Here’s a chance to actually get money back from your insurance company! BlueRewards is something you’re going to want to jump on if you can.

BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina rolled out the BlueRewards program in 2019 for members with individual health insurance policies.

Members can earn up to $150 per year for doing things you should be doing already anyway.

And that’s $150 per member per year – so that could be $600 for a family of four.

How BlueRewards Works

Beginning January 2019, active members will receive information from BCBS regarding registering for a BlueRewards account.

You’ll go to BlueRewardsSC.com to register. Once there, you’ll enter an email address, your member ID # (as it appears on your health insurance card), and create a password.

Once you’ve registered and completed a qualifying wellness activity (more on that below), they will send you a Blue Rewards Visa┬« PrePaid card. Every time you (or a dependent on your plan) complete a qualifying activity, you’ll be notified when funds have been loaded on that card.

How to Earn BlueRewards

In 2019 there are 3 activities you can complete to earn funds on your BlueRewards account:

A way to actually get money back from Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Sign up for BlueCareOnDemand (the BCBS telemedicine service) and get $30.
  • Get a flu shot and earn $60.
  • Get a wellness exam (like an annual physical or annual wellness visit for your child) and earn $60.

Note: If you’ve already registered for BlueCareOnDemand (and you really should – it’s really useful!), then once you register for a BlueRewards account you’ll get credited with $30 for each person in your family you’ve registered!

How You can Use BlueRewards Funds

Funds on your BlueRewards card are to be used to pay for covered medical expenses. These include:

  • Copays at a doctor’s office
  • Medical expenses that are applied to your deductible or coinsurance
  • Please note: Funds may NOT be applied towards pharmacy expenses.

Please note that funds on your BlueRewards account expire at the end of the year – they do not carry forward to next year.

More questions? Here’s the FAQ for the program. Or you’re always welcome to contact us.