What is “Medicaid Unwinding?” What do I need to do?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Congress passed legislation to ensure people would have access to health coverage and other benefits while the country was in a state of public health emergency). This gave people on Medicaid continuous coverage even if their eligibility changed.

That provision is now expiring, so states will once again begin reviewing Medicaid enrollments and eligibility. This process is what they call “unwinding.”

It is estimated that millions of people will be impacted by this process. But the process of Medicaid unwinding may take many months.

How do you know if you lose Medicaid eligibility?

If Medicaid determines that you or your children are no longer eligible for the program, you will receive written notice from them. They will tell you the date at which your Medicaid coverage expires.

What should you do if you lose Medicaid?

If you (or your children) are notified that your Medicaid coverage is ending, you will qualify for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) for the next 60 days. That SEP allows you to enroll in an individual health insurance plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace (sometimes called “Obamacare”).

You will likely qualify for “Premium Tax Credits,” which are subsidies that lower the cost of health insurance in the Marketplace.

The process of finding plans and prices in the Marketplace can be overwhelming and is often confusing.

But don’t worry! We are experts in these things and are more than happy to help you transition from Medicaid to a Marketplace plan.

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An Important Note About Medicaid Unwinding

Do not make any changes to your health plan until you hear from Medicaid!

Because the Medicaid unwinding process will take many months, it is important that you wait to hear from them rather than just assuming your coverage is gone.