What's the cheapest health insurance plan?

The answer might surprise you.
There’s something cheaper than a “bronze” plan that you may not know about.
Many people who don’t have health insurance simply cannot afford it. 
If you’re like many of the uninsured, you’d actually like to have decent health insurance coverage, but just haven’t found anything at a price that makes sense for your budget. So you move on and ignore that gnawing fear that something crazy might happen while you’re uninsured.
Wasn’t the Affordable Care Act supposed to solve that problem?
Honestly, the subsidies in Obamacare helped a lot of people get health insurance who couldn’t afford it. But there are many people who were not helped – or were not helped enough.
The unfortunate reality is American healthcare, and health insurance, is just expensive. So…

What’s the cheapest health insurance plan?

If you shop on the Obamacare exchanges, you’ll find that the least expensive plans are in the “bronze” category. If you’re under 30 you might find something in the “Catastrophic” category that was created just for you.
But there’s actually something cheaper. 
Have you looked at a short-term health insurance plan?
This is a health insurance policy that only stays in place for between 1-11 months. They were originally designed to cover someone between jobs and that sort of thing.

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A short term health plan provides a cap on your expenses for healthcare, which is the main point of health insurance after all. There are not a lot of bells and whistles on these plans – just the solid umbrella you and your family need to protect you from the
And they are usually a lot cheaper than an Obamacare health insurance policy.
Want proof? You can get a no-obligation price in about two minutes here:

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If you like what you see, you can go ahead and enroll and have coverage in place tomorrow. No deadlines. No open enrollment dates to worry about.
So, in conclusion: A short term health insurance plan is the cheapest health insurance plan you can find. 
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