What's the Point of Using a Health Insurance Broker?

Fair question.
People often wonder if they can find a better price without using a broker like us. The logic seems to make sense – if you cut out the middleman you save money, right? In this case, you do not save anything by going it alone.
The price you pay for the insurance policy you purchase will be the same whether you buy directly from the insurance company, through a website like e-healthinsurance, or with a broker like us. In other words, you can get professional guidance at no cost to you.
Here are a few other misconceptions about working with a broker like AC Forrest

  • I’ll have to pay a fee. While there are fee-based financial consultants and counselors out there, we never charge our clients a fee for our services. So how are we paid? We make a small commission when you buy an insurance policy through us. Again, this does not impact your price for that policy at all.
  • The broker will just sell me the policy with the best commission. We understand the skepticism. And, unfortunately, the fact is there are people out there in every sales field that operate this way, including insurance. In fairness, many of us do not. We believe if we take care of our clients and sell you the policy that best fits your needs and budget, we’ll earn your loyalty and trust ┬áso you will continue to work with us and refer your friends and colleagues.Don’t believe us? The only way we can prove this to you is by being transparent. If you ever want to know what we stand to be paid on a policy we recommend for you, just ask us.
  • I can do this on my own. You probably could. But many of our clients find it’s helpful to have an experienced guide help them navigate health insurance to make sense of the plans and coverages and help them find the best value. That’s true now in the Obamacare environment more than ever. And, like we said, it won’t cost you anything.
  • I don’t have time to meet with a broker. We don’t have to meet face to face – in fact, usually we don’t. We can meet on the phone, Skype, or via web conference, or just communicate via email. AC Forrest is tech- and web-friendly and set up to work virtually, so we can help you on your schedule and from whatever distance you prefer! We’ll be as involved or uninvolved as you would like.

Look, we know we just can’t put a sign up that says “You can trust me.” But we will do what we can to earn your trust by being knowledgeable, helpful, and transparent. We just ask that you give us a chance. Ask questions, see if we’re helpful.
Go ahead and do it now!
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