Why buy Critical Illness Insurance?

Do you know anyone who has survived cancer, a heart attack, or a stroke? You probably do.

Did their condition bring about financial hardship? Almost certainly. Think about it – there are the obvious medical expenses – paying a health insurance deductible and any coinsurance / “out of pocket maximum” expenses. Then there was likely a substantial amount of time missed from work. Perhaps there were other expenses as well (medical equipment, traveling for treatment, childcare, etc.)

A critical illness insurance policy provides a lump sum of cash if you’re have a heart attack, stroke, get diagnosed with cancer, and other critical medical issues. The need for this kind of policy stems from two primary factors:

1. We live in an age of amazing medical technology, which is an enormous blessing. Quite simply, more people survive cancer, heart attacks, and that sort of thing.

2. The increasing popularity of high deductible health insurance, including those with health savings accounts. For many people, this is quite simply a choice driven by ever-increasing prices. More and more people are realizing, whether driven by necessity or choice, that they can save money by purchasing a higher deductible health insurance plan and supplementing that high deductible with a critical illness plan (and an accident supplment plan).

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