Why do you need a health insurance specialist?

I spent 3 hours yesterday in a healthcare reform symposium sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina. The meeting was not the first we’ve been in on the subject, and nor will it be the last. After the meeting, I realized that in this crazy, tumultuous season in the health insurance industry, a lot of agents are being or will be left behind. I don’t say that with a cavalier attitude at all. There are plenty of insurance agents who focus on other lines of insurance (life, property, liability, auto, etc.) and are very good at what they do. When a client needs health insurance, many of them will just pull out an application from a carrier they’re familiar with (like BCBS) and set it up. It is not uncommon for a business owner or an individual who needs health insurance to simply call the agent who set up their liability coverage or their homeowners/auto policies. And, frankly, on one level that makes sense.

But those agents simply don’t have the time it now requires to stay on top of the many and fast-moving changes in the health insurance world. Now more than ever you need a health insurance specialist, someone for whom health insurance is not an occasional add-on business, but the meat and potatoes of the practice. AC Forrest is that kind of firm. While we offer an expanding list of other products and services, health insurance is our specialty and represents the lion’s share of our business – and it always has. We would love to talk with you about your health insurance needs, to compare your coverage with other options (we can almost certainly find a way to save you money), and help you make an informed decision to protect you and your family and/or your employees.