Why I didn't freak out about my debit card being hacked

“Hello, Mr. Forrest, this is So-and-so with [your bank]’s fraud prevention team.”
Uh-oh. Not what you want to hear when your phone rings first thing on Saturday morning.
But that’s how my weekend got going. Turns out someone was trying to buy some stuff online with my debit card number – at least one website in England.
“No, I can assure you I wasn’t making purchases online at 5:50 am this morning.”
Looks like they also hit Best Buy as well – somehow figuring out my pin code. They knew what they were doing because none of the purchases was over $100. Still… it was disconcerting. But, within moments of answering the phone — while I was still talking with the “fraud prevention team” — I remembered something that made me feel at ease:
We have an identity theft protection plan. So no matter what else may have come from the debit card hack — was anything else compromised? — I’m protected. Though the plan provides credit monitoring and that sort of thing as part of the policy – nobody can prevent this kind of thing from happening. But I knew this plan would take care of cleaning up (and paying for) a mess if it happened.
Do you have that kind of protection? You could for about $14/month. Let’s talk about it.