Why you should drop your accident insurance and get a Gap Insurance plan

If you purchased a supplemental accident insurance plan from us, you need to drop it.
It’s not everyday we make a statement like that, so read on.
The accident insurance plans we’ve had available in the past typically cost $35/month for a family ($25 for an individual) and provide up to a $2500 benefit if someone is hurt in an accident. That’s always seemed pretty cool for people with high deductible health insurance plans — a nice way to help you meet it if something unexpected happens. The plan we most commonly sold carried a deductible a bit south of $200.
So it was a good plan. But you need to drop it because we’ve got something much better: A personal gap insurance plan.

Not that kind of accident

It functions the same way, but doubles the accident benefit. So now, if someone is hurt in an accident, you could get more than $6,000, which is really nice because most gold and silver plans available in Obamacare have an out-of-pocket maximum of $6,350.
But wait, there’s more! (Sorry — I always wanted to say that). The plan goes beyond accident insurance to also provide critical illness insurance. So if you have a heart attack, stroke, or are diagnosed with a critical illness like cancer, you’ll get a lump sum for that too.
We’ve often suggested to clients purchasing a high deductible that they may want to consider an accident policy for around $35/month and/or a critical illness policy (in the same price range, give or take). But this personal gap insurance plan gives you both (plus a couple of other fringe benefits) at a similar price.
I carry a personal gap plan for my family, and believe it’s something you should think about too. Follow the links to learn more!