Short Term Health Insurance

A short-term health insurance policy is a simple and affordable way to bridge a gap in coverage. It’s solid major medical health insurance at a much better price.

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Short term health insurance is simple. 

It provides basic coverage so you won’t get stuck with huge bills if something big happens. Nothing fancy here – you’ll generally be paying for care until you’ve paid your deductible, though some plans have a copay for an urgent care center or to cover a doctor’s office visit.

Basically, this is protection against Murphy’s Law. You know, the idea that you’ll break your arm or need your appendix out during the three months you’re between health insurance plans.

Who Should Buy Short Term Health Insurance

These are health plans designed for people who only need coverage for a little while. If you know you’ll be getting other health insurance in less than a year, a short-term health policy is a great way to bridge that gap.

An increasing number of people also utilize these plans as an alternative to Obamacare.

Short-term health insurance is ideal for you if:

  • You’re changing jobs and have a waiting period for group benefits.
  • You need health insurance outside of the Obamacare “open enrollment” period and don’t qualify for a special enrollment.
  • You are aging off of your parents’ plan and need temporary coverage.
  • You can’t afford a traditional health insurance plan – this could be a cheaper solution.
  • You really don’t want to participate in Obamacare for whatever reason.

How to Buy Short Term Health Insurance

Buying a short term health insurance plan is easy. There is very little underwriting and you can literally have coverage in place tomorrow. There’s no open enrollment period to worry about.

You simply click this button, provide basic info like date of birth and zip code, and you’ll get quotes instantly. You can then enroll through a secure online application.

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It should take you less than ten minutes. You’ll get your policy info via email and can be covered as soon as tomorrow.

Our Primary Short Term Health Insurance Company

There are a lot of health insurance companies that offer short-term health insurance plans. Most of our clients purchase the short term health insurance plans through a company called National General Insurance.

We like them because their process is simple, their premiums are competitive, they include a $50 copay for a visit to an urgent care facility, and they are reputable company that takes good care of our clients.

Affordable Add-ons You Should Consider

There are two things we suggest you consider to supplement your short-term health insurance plan:

1. Telemedicine. Since there is no office visit copay on your short term health insurance plan, you can get your family access to a reliable telemedicine service for $11.99/month. You’ll get 24/7 access to board-certified doctors in your state, 365 days a year.

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2. Accident Plan. National General offers a supplemental plan called the Plan Enhancer. It provides you with an accident benefit up to whatever maximum you choose (ideally the same as your short-term medical deductible) at a very reasonable price. You can also choose to add a critical illness/cancer plan and/or a hospitalization benefit. It’s all there in the same enrollment process.

Learn More and Enroll in an Accident Plan

Where we Work

Our offices are in Atlanta, Georgia (Buford) and Greenville, South Carolina, but our reach extends much farther. One of the benefits of the way we work (web-based processes, virtual meetings, etc.) is that we’re able to help clients in many other states.

We currently are also licensed to help clients in several other states, so if you live somewhere else we may be able to help you too.

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