Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is a simple and affordable way to provide a benefit your family or employees will use and appreciate!

Affordable Dental Insurance in South Carolina, Georgia, and Elsewhere

Good dental insurance is a simple and affordable way to take care of your smile. It’s popular with families and employees because everyone will (should!) use it a couple times each year.

Hopefully you don’t need more than that… but you’ll be glad to have coverage if more work needs to be done!

AC Forrest can help you find individual dental insurance for you and your family and group dental insurance for small employers.

Dental Insurance for Individuals and Families

Dental insurance is an affordable way to make sure you take care of your family’s oral health. We will help you find a plan that lets you use any dentist without worrying about staying in a network. (That said, you’ll save even more money if you use the network.)

Dental Insurance for Families & Individuals

Dental Insurance Companies in South Carolina and Georgia

There are a lot of different companies who offer dental insurance in South Carolina and Georgia (and the other states we serve). These are the ones we recommend the most:

2 Companies We Recommend for Individual Dental in South Carolina and Georgia

The first two are traditional dental plans with no waiting periods. “Basic” and “Major” benefits graduate in over time (i.e. they will pay more for these services in year 2 than they do in year 1). Orthodontic coverage is available for kids after the first year.

1. Renaissance Dental

Learn More and get quotes from Resistance Dental.

There are two plans available: The “Max Choice Plan” and the “Max Choice Plus.” The plans are basically identical except in how much they pay for an out-0f-network provider:

  • If your dentist is in their network (or you choose one who is), you’ll save money with the “Max Choice Plan.”
  • If your dentist is not in their network, you’ll get more benefits with the “Max Choice Plus Plan.”

2. National General

This is a “dental indemnity” plan, which works a little differently. Instead of a percentage, it will pay a predetermined amount of money for a covered service. With these plans there is no network to worry about and you can easily find out what a particular procedure will cost.

Get Prices on National General Dental Indemnity Plans. 

(Note: We suggest the “Intermediate” plan or the “Plus” plan. The Intermediate will be cheaper but it doesn’t offer coverage for “major services”).

Why We Use Renaissance Dental

While we have a number of dental carriers available, most of our individual/family clients enroll in dental insurance with Renaissance Dental. Here are a few reasons we like them for individual dental plans:

  • You can choose any dentist you like without a network requirement.
  • There are no waiting periods. The benefits on major services are lower the first year, growing over time, but you at least get some help now.
  • You can get a little bit of orthodontic coverage.
  • There are no age limits – senior citizens are welcome!
  • The prices are very competitive.

Group Dental Insurance for Small Employers

Dental insurance is usually a very popular employee benefit that doesn’t cost an employer a lot of money. It’s a great way to build goodwill with your team because this is a benefit they will actually use.

Group dental insurance is usually cheaper than individual dental insurance, so you can really help your employees out by providing this valuable benefit.

How to Get Prices on a Group Dental Plan

We’ll be happy to show you plans and prices. We’re happy to work with you even if you use a different broker for your medical insurance.

Here’s what we need to get started:

  • The name and location of your business.
  • A roster of full-time employees that includes zip code and date of birth.
  • If you have a dental plan already, it’s helpful to get info about that for comparison purposes.
Get started!

Companies We Recommend for Employer Group Dental in South Carolina and Georgia

There are even more companies that offer group dental insurance in South Carolina and Georgia. We check plans and prices from a lot, but you’ll likely hear us talk the most about Beam Dental and Nippon Dental. But we keep tabs on this market as carriers and prices evolve to make sure we’re offering our clients the best options.

Get Started with Dental Insurance

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