Dental Insurance

Good dental insurance is a simple and affordable way to take care of your smile. It’s popular with families and employees because everyone will use it a couple times each year.

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Individual dental insurance Atlanta GA

Individual Dental Insurance in Georgia and Tennessee

We’ve made this very simple. Get instant quotes and information. Then enroll online when you’re ready.

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individual dental insurance in Greenville SC

Individual Dental in South Carolina and North Carolina

We’ve made this very simple. Get instant quotes and information. Then enroll online when you’re ready.

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Group dental insurance in Greenville SC and Atlanta GA

Group Dental Insurance for Small Businesses and Organizations

Your employees want dental insurance. Just ask them. Find out how affordable it can be to win “Boss of the Year.”

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We’ve made dental insurance simple. There are a bunch of different insurance companies out there offering dental plans, so we’ve carefully selected which ones we’ll recommend to our clients based on value (price), plan design, and ease of use.

Individual Dental Insurance for Families

We can help you find coverage for you and your family that actually makes sense for your budget. We have dental insurance plans that allow you to choose any dentist without worrying about staying in a network.

Group Dental Insurance for Small Employers

For a small business or non-profit, dental insurance is a popular benefit because most people know they’re going to visit the dentist a couple times each year for routine care, and that other issues sometimes come up. For this reason, group dental insurance will help an employer build goodwill with his/her team.

And group dental is far more affordable and simple to manage than a health insurance plan.

Why We Usually Recommend Renaissance Dental

While we have a number of dental carriers available, most of our individual/family clients enroll in dental insurance with Renaissance Dental. Here are a few reasons we like them for individual dental plans:

  • You can choose any dentist you like without a network requirement.
  • There are no waiting periods. The benefits on major services are lower the first year, growing over time, but you at least get some help now.
  • You can get a little bit of orthodontic coverage.
  • There are no age limits – senior citizens are welcome!
  • The prices are very competitive.


There are two plans available: The Max Choice Plan and the Max Choice Plus. The plans are identical except in how much they pay for an out-0f-network provider:

  • If your dentist is in their network (possible in the Atlanta area, not likely in South Carolina), you’ll save money with the “Max Choice Plan.”
  • If your dentist is not in their network, you’ll get more benefits with the “Max Choice Plus Plan.”


Need Vision Insurance?

While you’re looking at prices on dental, you can click a tab at the top of the screen to see prices and info on a popular vision insurance policy.

(Note: This link will take you to a page for dental insurance, but you will find a good vision insurance option listed.)

Dental Insurance in South Carolina and Georgia

Our offices are in Georgia and South Carolina, but our reach extends much farther. One of the benefits of the way we work (web-based processes, virtual meetings, etc.) is that we’re able to help clients in many other states.

We currently are also licensed to help clients in several other states. We may be able to help you too.

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