Testimonial: Why you shouldn't leave home without travel insurance

Mike and Sherry Nickols knew better.
But life was hectic as they prepared for their daughter’s wedding and for their celebratory cruise afterward, and they just forgot one important detail. Here’s the story:

What a frightening experience!
When they found themselves in the midst of a medical crisis in a run-down foreign hospital, they had nowhere to turn for help. It was the first time they’d traveled abroad without travel insurance. (So Murphy’s Law kicked in, of course).
Here’s the thing: Travel insurance is really inexpensive. Most of our clients wind up spending about $2 per person per day on a good travel insurance plan. Depending on details, including your age, it could be a bit more or a bit less, but that’s the ballpark figure.
It covers medical care, evacuation, provides terrorism or political evacuation coverage, and a bunch of other stuff we hope you don’t need but could really help! If you’re traveling for business, pleasure, or mission, you really ought to have it.
We have an entire website dedicated to the travel insurance needs of our clients. Check it out: