BlueChoice Value-Added Benefits

Most of our individual health insurance clients in South Carolina purchase coverage with BlueChoice HealthPlan (as we do for our own family).
There are several reasons for this, but it generally boils down to it being the best combination of benefits and price available for most people in South Carolina.
Many of our clients are not aware that BlueChoice includes several value-added benefits beyond general health insurance protection, so we want to mention them here in case they are useful to you:

  • Adult Vision — includes a free eye exam once a year and eyewear from a designated selection once every two years.
  • Pediatric Vision — coverage for children ages 19 and younger, including a vision exam, eyewear and contact lenses.
  • Preventive Dental Care — includes dental allowances for exams and cleanings. These typically cover approximately half the cost of a routine dental checkup.
  • Doctors Care — visits to any Doctors Care urgent care location across South Carolina for the same price as a primary care physician visit. This includes visits for injuries and illnesses that may be considered as regular doctor’s visits, after-hours visits and urgent care visits.
  • Fitness and Wellness — discounts to fitness centers, alternative health therapies and weight-loss programs.
  • Life Management Services —access to financial counseling, adoption resources, adult care resources, legal services and more. Life management services are provided by First Sun EAP. Because First Sun EAP is a separate company from BlueChoice HealthPlan, First Sun EAP will be responsible for all services related to life management.

Not bad, eh?
If you are interested in signing up for an individual health insurance plan for yourself and/or your family, we’ll be glad to help you figure out your options.
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