Can I buy a child-only health insurance plan for my kid?

Child-only policies are back.
Years ago we used to sell a lot of child-only health insurance policies. Many people found they could get better coverage for less money for their kids with this kind of plan than they could by adding them to the plan they had at work.
When the Affordable Care Act passed, one unintended consequence was the disappearance of these plans. No point in boring you with the reasons for that, but it happened.
Well, now that the ACA (“Obamacare”) is in effect, child-only health insurance plans are available.
One of the great advantages of these plans are that you can get a plan for your child that’s different than yours – and that makes sense because your child’s needs are different than yours. If you’re like me, your kids probably go to the doctor a lot more than you do. So you could, for example, get a policy for a child that had a lower deductible and a lower copay, since they’ll be more likely to utilize those benefits.
Then you could save some money and get a policy for yourself with a higher deductible and copay (or no copay at all). Or just take the plan that’s offered by your employer.

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Is a child-only policy cheaper than including them on the plan you have at work? It very well could be, but we’d have to discuss the specifics of your plan to know for sure. If you’d like to talk about it, or have other questions, feel free to contact us.