The Best Way to Get Healthcare on Vacation

Imagine being on vacation and needing to see a doctor.
Or, perhaps more likely, your child needs to see a doctor. At least, she might, but you’re not sure. Sometimes these things blow over, but sometimes catching it early could save the vacation.
Will your health insurance policy work on vacation or will you hear those most dreaded words – “Out of network” – if you try to see a doctor? And how much will this cost?

You have three options in this scenario:

1. You can try to manage the symptoms on your own. Hopefully a little rest or some over-the-counter medicine will save the day.
The downside: If this doesn’t work, the symptoms could get worse and you could wind up back at square one in a little while.
2. You can go to a doctor. Since you’re on vacation, this will probably be an urgent care center or something like that, but you’ll get the treatment you need.
The downside: Even if you’re able to stay in your insurance company’s network, you’ll probably have to fork over more cash than you normally do for a regular office visit. You also could wind up spending a big chunk of that vacation day sitting around in a waiting room full of sick people!
3. You can consult a doctor via phone or video link.  Instead of spending half your day at an urgent care center, or rolling the dice and doing nothing, you could simply consult a telemedicine doctor from wherever you’re staying.
You’ll get to talk to a board-certified doctor in your state any time of the day or night – 24/7. (The average response time is around 15 minutes).
That doctor can call in a prescription for you if appropriate, or help you determine if you need to get further treatment. And you’ll get this access with no additional copay or fee.

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Why summer is a great time to try telemedicine

You can get access to telemedicine service for your whole family for only $9.99/month. That’s it. There are no fees or copays to talk to a doctor.
And there’s no contract.
Compared to the out-of-pocket cost of a trip to an urgent care center, telemedicine will probably pay for itself.
The vacation scenario shows a very realistic view of one situation where a telemedicine service can really save the day. But there are plenty of others. After all, every parent knows that kids often get sick on nights and weekends!
So why not give it a try?

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