Insurance in Brazil for the World Cup

Are you going to Brazil for the World Cup?
We are extremely jealous. We love everything about the World Cup (except for Sepp Blatter).
But we do want to make sure you’re prepared for your trip. Brazil is a big country and you never know what might happen. There’s a very good chance that your domestic insurance plan won’t be joining you at the World Cup.
We have a simple and affordable solution: 
A travel insurance plan will give you medical coverage and a lot more at a surprisingly low price. Here’s what a travel insurance plan will cover:

  • Standard medical coverage for accidents, injuries, illnesses, and that sort of thing
  • Evacuation coverage (medical evacuation, natural disaster, political evacuation)
  • Terrorism coverage
  • Reunion coverage (brings a family member to be with you under certain circumstances)
  • Repatriation of remains (nobody wants to think about that, but it’s important)

Brazil flagHow Much Does Travel Insurance for Brazil Cost?

Most people are genuinely surprised to find out how little a good travel insurance plan costs. While the price is influenced by your age and the amount of coverage you purchase, many of our clients wind up paying $2 per person per day. Some pay less.
See for yourself:

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When Does Coverage Start?

Your coverage can be in place as soon as tomorrow. Even if you’re already in Brazil, you can go ahead and get a policy for the rest of your trip beginning tomorrow.
The enrollment only takes about 5 minutes. Your policy and ID card will be emailed to you within minutes, and you’ll be good to go.
Seriously. For a few dollars you could save yourself thousands if something terrible happens on your trip. Any experienced traveler will tell you it would be silly not do have it.
So whether you’re at the World Cup as a journalist, a supporter of your national team (hello, American Outlaws!), or just to take in the atmosphere, please take a few minutes to get a travel insurance plan. We hope you won’t need it, but you will be glad to have it just in case.