A New Way to Pay Your BlueChoice Bill

For our South Carolina clients who have an individual health insurance plan with BlueChoice Health Plan, here’s their news release about a new, more efficient way to pay your bill:
In an effort to minimize member wait times and improve customer service, we are introducing automated phone payments. The member simply calls our Billing Service Center and the automated system will guide the member in making a payment.
This new automated feature allows the member to make a payment at any time and on any day.

How the New BlueChoice Payment System Works

The member should:
1. Call the Billing Service Center at 866-569-5933.
2. Make a payment. The member should dial 1 and follow the prompts to enter the payment information. The member will need to enter the numeric portion of his or her member ID number and ZIP code.
3. Receive confirmation. Once the member has entered the payment information, he or she will receive a unique confirmation number over the phone.
Note: Payments are one-time only. The member can, however, choose to save payment information for future calls. A member must use a checking account or major credit card to complete the transaction. We do not accept American Express at this time.