One Obamacare Plan Covers Lexington Hospital in Network

If you’re buying individual health insurance for 2016, and live in Columbia, this is for you:
There is only one company whose network for Marketplace plans includes Lexington Hospital.
If you receive care at Lexington Hospital in the Columbia area, you need to pay particular attention to provider networks when selecting a health insurance plan on the Obamacare Marketplace.
UnitedHealthcare is your only option. With everyone else you’ll pay out-of-network rates, which means your out-of-pocket costs will be significantly higher.
Now, there are obviously other hospitals in the Columbia area that do take BlueCross and Marketplace members, so if you’re OK with other hospital systems than you’ll be fine. (We can help you either way). We just want to make sure our clients in Lexington County are aware of this network issue with the hospital.
Get prices on UnitedHealth Care plans:

Using our enrollment platform (just click the button above), you’ll be able to filter your search for plans based on any┬áhospital and/or doctors you want to be sure are included in a plan’s network.
Also, to be clear, if you are covered on a group health insurance plan, Lexington Hospital will be included in the network with several other insurers (including BlueCross BlueShield). We are only talking here about individual health insurance plans.
As always, you are welcome to contact us with questions or help with enrollment.