A simple and affordable individual dental insurance plan

Here’s a dental insurance solution that’s simple and affordable.
The Intermediate Dental Plan from Assurant Health pays cash benefits when you have dental checkups and treatment – making it easier to keep up with and pay for regular visits to the dentist.  It also helps pay for the cost of basic services if the checkup didn’t go as well as you hoped!
Some advantages of Assurant Dental:

  • Use any dentist – there’s no network to worry about.
  • No guesswork – know exactly how much you’ll get, and how much you’ll pay.
  • No waiting periods for checkups – you get $100/visit every 6 months.
  • You can choose to be reimbursed or have payment sent directly to your dentist.
You know that you and your family should be going to the dentist. You probably also know that good oral hygiene and health is related to greater overall health. A good dental plan like this one will help you plan and pay for the good dental care you and your family need.

What Does it Cost?
The good news is that this coverage is really affordable:

  • Individual coverage is only $26.50/month for most people up to age 70
  • Coverage for a member and spouse ranges from $45 – 49/month
  • Coverage for a member and child(ren) ranges from $50, depending on the number of kids.
  • Coverage for a member and family ranges from $70, depending on how many kids are covered (add roughly $20 per child).
These prices are really good — making the Assurant Intermediate personal dental insurance plan a really cost-effective way to get the dental coverage your family needs.

How do I enroll?
Enroll in our Intermediate personal dental plan here. The entire process should take 5 minutes or less. There are no underwriting questions and the prices are fixed.
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Got questions?
No problem. You’re welcome to contact us today to learn more.