How a Small Business Can Pay for Maternity Leave

pregnant employeeIt’s difficult for a small business to pay an employee who is not there for six weeks.
But when an employee has a baby, giving her the time off is the right thing to do.┬áThere’s one way that you can cover that expense:

Short-Term Disability Insurance

A good short-term disability insurance policy will include maternity leave as a covered benefit. So when your employee has a baby, she can begin drawing benefits almost immediately – usually about 60-66% of her weekly income.
(Disability benefits are never given at 100% of income because they want the insured person to remain motivated to get back to work.)

More than Maternity Leave

Of course short-term disability will cover other issues, like injury and illness, that cause an employee to miss work for an extended amount of time (usually between 7 and 90 days, though this can vary).
We find that most small employers want to take care of their employees and treat them well, but extended absences can take a toll on everyone involved. A short-term disability insurance plan is an affordable way to take care of your employees without stretching your budget thin.
We can find a policy for most companies (probably 90% of small businesses). If you think it will be difficult in your industry, you might be surprised. It certainly doesn’t hurt to ask and let us work to find an option for you.
Contact us to learn more or to get a quick, no-obligation quote on short-term disability insurance for your group.

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