Term Life Insurance

You can protect your family with term life insurance for less than you think. We’ve made the process simple and efficient – you may not even need an exam.

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Term Life Insurance

Term Life insurance is simple. If you’re like most people, it’s just one of those things you haven’t gotten around to yet. The good news is that you can get this process started today. We’ve made it as simple as possible. So read on – your spouse will be glad you did!

A Simple Explanation of Term Life Insurance

There’s nothing fancy about term life insurance – it simply pays a lump sum to your beneficiary if you die during the “term” of the policy (usually 10, 20, or 30 years). The premiums are guaranteed to be the same (“level”) during that term. So your price is predictable for the life of the policy. No surprises!

The main point of term life insurance is to protect your loved ones and provide for their needs should tragedy strike so they don’t suffer financial hardship on top of everything else.

How to Buy Term Life Insurance

We’ll make the process of buying term life insurance as simple and pain-free as possible. Our process looks like this:

  • We’ll help you determine how much you need. 8-10 times your annual income is a good rule of thumb.
  • We’ll shop and compare quotes. We will run quotes with a bunch of highly-rated life insurance companies to make sure you get the best value. (Of course you can do this on your own if you prefer).
  • We’ll walk you through the application itself. We’ll work with you over the phone and the web (or in person if possible and if you prefer) utilizing a simplified web-based application that will be easier and much more efficient.

In many cases, you won’t even need a medical exam to get coverage!

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Short-term health insurance in Greenville SCThe Life Insurance Companies

We work with many different insurance companies so we can find the best value for our clients. These include Genworth, Banner Life, Met Life, and many others. We only work with life insurance carriers that are solid and have excellent financial ratings.

Where we Work

Our offices are in Greenville, South Carolina and suburban Atlanta, Georgia, but our reach extends much farther. One of the benefits of the way we work (web-based processes, virtual meetings, etc.) is that we’re able to help clients in many other states.

We currently are also licensed to help clients in Alabama, Indiana, North Carolina, and Tennessee. If you don’t see your state listed — ask us anyway. We may be able to help you too.

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