When is Obamacare Open Enrollment?

Here’s something that most people don’t know about Obamacare, but should:
You can only enroll in an individual health insurance plan during the annual open enrollment period.
Outside of open enrollment, it’s impossible unless you qualify for a special enrollment due to losing employer coverage, moving, getting married or divorced, or that sort of thing.
So once open enrollment ends, that’s it. If you haven’t signed up, too bad.
That leads us to today’s question:

When is Open Enrollment?

The 2015 Open Enrollment period begins on November 15 and lasts until February 15, 2015.
If you want your coverage to begin on January 1, you have to complete the enrollment process by December 15.
Check out our Open Enrollment FAQ page here. 

Do I Have to Go Through Open Enrollment Again?

Even if you enrolled last year, you’ll still want to go through the process again. Here’s why:

  • Your subsidy eligibility and/or amount may have changed.
  • Health insurance prices have changed. (You might find something better).
  • There are new plans available. Some companies have made significant changes to their plans, and one new company has entered the marketplace in South Carolina and Georgia.

Good News: We’ve Made Open Enrollment Simple

We’re providing you with an online enrollment platform that will simplify and streamline the enrollment process for our clients. Our system will show you plans and prices before you apply for coverage and most of the enrollment will take place in our system.
If you’re applying for premium tax credits (subsidies), you’ll be taken into the federal marketplace (healthcare . gov) to complete that portion of the enrollment, and then brought back to complete the process.

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