Why Dental Plans Are Better than Medical Plans for Small Businesses

If you’re a small business owner who wants to offer employee benefits but aren’t sure where to start, here’s our suggestion: Start with dental insurance.

Why Dental Insurance is the best place to begin employee benefits

There are a few fairly simple reasons for this:

1. Dental insurance is a lot cheaper than health insurance. 
This is so simple it would be easy to gloss over it, but we are talking about a HUGE difference in cost – both for you and your employees. And let’s be honest – the cost of health insurance is the most common reason a small business doesn’t offer benefits.

How much does dental insurance cost? Depending on the details of the plan, and a few other variables, you can usually get a dental plan for $30-40 per employee per month – sometimes even less.

2. Dental insurance is less complicated than health insurance. 
Typically the cost is the same for everyone regardless of age. There aren’t as many moving parts in a dental policy (in fact, most dental plans are very similar to each other). It’s also very simple to set up.

3. Dental insurance is something your employees will actually use. 
I learned this lesson many years ago from a client. He really wanted a dental plan because his employees (in his case they were all young and healthy) would actually use it. He said, “My employees never use their health insurance and hate seeing it come out of their checks. But they go to the dentist and I want them to feel like I’m doing something for them a couple times a year.”

Makes sense to me.

4. You can easily add vision insurance, life insurance, and other options to your dental plan. 
Many dental companies offer these additional lines of coverage that are inexpensive and helpful to your employees. These are simple ways you can beef up your employee benefits without breaking your budget.
Employee benefits help you take care of your employees in a way that they will appreciate, which helps you recruit and retain great people. And dental insurance is a simple and budget-friendly way to get started. Let us know you’re interested and we can help you find some options: