Why do your employees need income protection insurance? (Long-term Disability)

Why do your employees need Income Protection?
In the United States, a fatal injury occurs every 5 minutes and a disabling injury occurs every 1.5 seconds.(3) Fatal and nonfatal unintentional injuries amounted to $574.8 billion in 2004. This is equivalent to about $5,100 per household, where these cost are paid directly out of packet.(1)

Off the job occurrences account for 2 out of 3 disabling injuries suffered by workers in the United States. In addition, they account for 64% of the lost production time due to worker injuries. Future production time lost due to injuries suffered in 1998 will be 6 times greater for off the job injuries than for on the job injuries.(1)

Because our population is aging, and the likelihood of having a disability increases with age, we expect that the growth in the number of people with disabilities will accelerate in the coming years.(2)

Forty-eight percent of all home foreclosures are the result of disability, while only three percent of all foreclosures result from death. (4)

As an employer, you want to be able to attract and keep high quality employees. Providing a group VPL plan will protect their income in times of need and will assure them that you want to help them lead productive lives both on and off the job.

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— This material was originally developed by Reliance Standard.